The WeightCAPTURE™ application is used to manage purchases of goods that can be weighed. Through an Android smartphone and a scale, WeightCAPTURE™ manages the collection and proper documentation of all the activities involved in purchasing goods. This application is used commonly in the agricultural sector in collection of Tea, Tobacco, Milk, Macadamia, Coffee or any other product that can be weighed. It is also used in the industry and logistics to weight finished or unfinished products and plastics.

The goal is to facilitate the user’s duty of collecting the weight data with a Bluetooth enabled scale and sending it real-time to the server and exchanging information with the warehouse so that the product collected can be processed. The application has also a Back-End where all the info is then collected and payments to Farmers/Suppliers can be made.

We provide the software WeightCAPTURE and hardware if necessary. The hardware is composed of:

  • Digital Bluetooth Scale (platform or hanging scale)

  • Smartphone Android (Rugged IP68)

  • Bluetooth Portable Printer

  • NFC Cards (optional)

The WeightCAPTURE™ Set: