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digital solutions to verify identity and efficiencies of people and produce for businesses, schools and beyond.


Attendance tools for businesses & schools

Using biometric, bluetooth, mobile and cloud technology, AttendanceCapture™ offers businesses and schools a seamless solution to track tasks, time and attendance. Our business solution enables accurate and transparent verification of staff, and can be used to improve efficiency through monitoring attendance, workflow, task management, payroll and report generation. Our solution for schools enables verification to ensure children are safely in school, and acts as a portal between schools and parents, giving parents access to information about attendance, fees, activities and results, for peace of mind.


On-site solutions, secured

Businesses and corporations have different security and access requirements for different employees, to ensure the secure management of information, produce and people. Using biometric, GPS, bluetooth, mobile and cloud technology, SecuCapture™ offers accurate employee verification to ensure appropriate access can be maintained and monitored in on-site activities and across multiple locations.


Reducing waste: garbage in value out

Waste is an increasing threat to our communities, ecosystems and our planet, particularly in rural and developing regions where there is insufficient infrastructure. Givo™ is an end-to-end recycling solution that collects and verifies recyclable material directly from households and businesses, and processes them into consumer and industrial goods. Reliant on a network of youth and female-owned franchisees, this solution not only creates a circular economy, but creates employment opportunities within the recycling ecosystem in Africa.

Other verification solutions

Benefits include

Total transparency

Digital data collection and verification ensures accuracy and full visibility as every step of the process is tracked and traceable and goods and data cannot be tampered with.

Improved efficiency

Digitalizing data and workstreams ensures accuracy and improves efficiency, to benefit businesses and employees.

Ensures integrity

Accurate tracking and visibility of data minimizing opportunity for error or corruption.

Access to remote areas

Our affordable, bluetooth solutions ensure that access is not limited to wealthy economies and can be accessed in the most remote and underdeveloped regions of the world.

Assurance of procedures

Accurate logging of processes means procedures and standards are upheld and are fully visible to all parties.

Support team

Our team are there to offer support on all products, from setup, technical support and servicing, through to customising solutions to meet your needs.

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