Time and attendance solutions for businesses, organizations and schools.

timecapture™ ensures businesses, organisations and schools can accurately track the time and attendance of employees, pupils and visitors.

Using biometric, bluetooth, mobile and cloud technology, attendancecapture offers businesses and schools a seamless solution to track tasks, time and attendance. Our business solution enables accurate and transparent verification of staff, and can be used to improve efficiency through monitoring attendance, workflow, task management, payroll and report generation.

Our solution for schools enables verification to ensure children are safely in school, and acts as a portal between schools and parents, giving parents access to information about attendance, fees, activities and results, for peace of mind.


Benefits include

Accurate tracking

Biometric and bluetooth technology ensure accurate and real-time, up-to-date information on staff and school attendance.

Streamline salaries

Easily streamline salaries based on accurate attendance records.

Easy workflow

Ease workflow with task management, inventory control and employee management.

Up to date

Keep employees or parents up to date with optional SMS/Email notifications with information they may need to know.

Assurance of procedures

Accurate logging of processes means procedures and standards are upheld and are fully visible to all parties.

Support team

Our team are there to offer support on all products, from setup, technical support and servicing, through to customising solutions to meet your needs.

“Capture Solutions has greatly helped us as an organization in streamlining our distributed workforce management… Before implementing timecapture, we had to waste resources in logistics…We are sure of our attendance data as workers are identified biometrically and information is sent to our backend system in real-time. Reporting has also been automated and management can now access real-time reports from anywhere in the world.”

Lawrence Muema, Better Globe Forestry – Kenya & Uganda

The timecapture™ set is composed of:

  • Rugged Android Smartphone or tablet
  • Fingerprint Recognition (optional)
  • timecapture™ Mobile App
  • timecapture™ Server App
  • timecapture™ School Bus / Labour Haul Module (Optional)
  • Training for the operators
  • Hosting and Reporting
  • Mobile Payments and advances with capagri (optional for school fees)
  • Email, chat, phone and remote assistance support including backup

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