On-site security solutions for access, verification and incident management.

secucapture™ ensures your site is as secure as possible.

Businesses and corporations have different security and access requirements for different employees, to ensure the secure management of information, produce, people and incidents. Paper based visitor and security management systems are open to fraud and only provide information after the event. Using biometric, bluetooth, mobile and cloud technology, SecuCapture™ offers accurate employee verification to ensure appropriate access can be maintained and monitored in on-site activities, across multiple locations. The system clocks in/out visitors, assets, vehicles or anything else the customer requires.

This unique system provides security solutions to businesses, schools, organisations, farms and factories.


Benefits include

Accurate tracking

Biometric and bluetooth technology ensures accurate and real-time, up-to-date information on staff, visitors, assets and vehicles.

Improved efficiency

Digitalizing logistics and workstreams ensures accuracy and improves efficiency, to benefit businesses and employees.

Different levels of access

Site access can be customized for full flexibility and security on site.

Customize what you track

Access is not limited to track staff, visitors, assets or vehicles, users can add input depending on their requirement.

Enhanced security

Digital solutions ensure integrity and security, improving safety for employees, customers and visitors.

Support team

Our team are there to offer support on all products, from setup, technical support and servicing, through to customising solutions to meet your needs.

“Capture Solutions has greatly helped us as an organization in streamlining our distributed workforce management…Before implementing secucapture, we had to waste resources in logistics…We are sure of our attendance data as workers are identified biometrically and information is sent to our backend system in real-time. Reporting has also been automated and management can now access real-time reports from anywhere in the world.”

 Lawrence Muema, Better Globe Forestry – Kenya & Uganda

The secucapture™ set is composed of:

  • Rugged Android Smartphone or tablet Fingerprint Recognition (optional)
  • Optional accessories (alcohol blower, temperature check, scales, turnstiles)
  • SecuCapture™ Mobile App
  • SecuCapture™ Server App
  • SecuCapture™ School Bus / Labour Haul Module (Optional)
  • Training for the operators
  • Hosting and Reporting
  • Mobile Payments and Advances with CapAgri (optional for school fees)
  • Email, chat, phone and remote assistance support including backup

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