SalesCAPTURE™ facilitates the work of the sales department of companies aiming at completely upgrading the salesman business transactions.

The solution aims at providing a mobile point of sale (POS) with a centralized receipt system. An android phone is used as the POS and a Bluetooth printer is used to print any sales receipts on field.

The application is able to create invoices, manage stocks, returns, receivables and van management. With a very affordable phone such as Huawei Ideos and our TIII portable printer, we are able to drive sales forces to a level unthinkable only in a few months. SalesCAPTURE sends information to a Web Server that can synchronize all the data.


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Offers mobility to the Sales team just as in the office.
  • Can print Invoices, Orders, Reports and Receipts on the Fly.
  • Easy to learn, handle and Train Staff.
  • User friendly Interface (touch).
  • Hardware is battery powered and durable.
  • Managers know what is happening out there with the sales team in real-time.
  • Controlled Dispatch of stock.
  • Reporting has been simplified and can be transmitted via the internet.
  • Reduced Reconciliation Problems.
  • Simplified Van management.
  • Reduces Stationery Costs.
  • Backend interface to update pricing, discounts, customers, credit and so on.
  • Possibility to retrieve historical information and print it.
  • GPS information and Route Planning
  • Manager Version available for pads and TV via android dongle