Livestock Manager team works closely with farmers to develop an app that assists in the livestock management process. Combined with the BioControl HHR 3000 scanner, Livestock Manager has full EID as well as visual ID capabilities.

The app includes features listed below.


  • Assign visual and/or EID numbers
  • Specify the type of animal
  • Breed
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Weights
  • Record and view pedigree of an animal up to the grand dam/sire
  • Assign to group (Bull, Calf, Heifer, Weaner etc)
  • Place into user created camps or herds


  • Record AI’s
  • Perform and record dipping of livestock
  • Record flushings
  • Record livestock sales
  • Move animals between, groups, camps and herds


  • Count animals with the BioControl HHR3000 Reader and EID Tags
  • View a list of scanned animal EID numbers in real time as well as total head count.
  • Export to .csv by sending directly from mobile to specified E-Mail address


  • Animal reports to our Bluetooth enabled, handheld thermal printer.


  • Record Diseases
  • Record vaccinations of entire groups, herds or camps as well as individual animals *
  • Treat and record conditions/ailments of individual animals

* With an automatic reminder-function for next vaccination


  • Record and view important weights of animals such as birth weight, 12 months, 18 months, 24 months and wean weight
  • View dam wean percentages
  • View weight gain or loss percentages of an animal


  • View herd summaries
  • Record and view rainfall in a month-to-month calendar with the ability to view average rainfall throughout a specific year
  • View complete reports on individual animals or entire groups
  • Export animal data in on MS OneDrive