End-to-end recycling solution, for business and households.

givo recycles waste and creates a circular economy, which provides employment opportunities within the recycling ecosystem.

Waste is an increasing threat to our communities, ecosystems and our planet, particularly in rural and developing regions where there is insufficient infrastructure to deal with it.

Givo™ is an end-to-end recycling solution that collects recyclable material directly from households and businesses, and processes them into consumer and industrial goods. Reliant on a network of youth and female-owned franchisees, this solution not only creates a circular economy, but creates employment opportunities within the recycling ecosystem in Africa.

The application uses weightcapture™ technology, applied to the process of recycling. Plastic products are delivered to the centre, segregated and shredded using a smart shredder. The input and output can be linked to individuals using biometrics, and payments paid directly to users through the platform.


Benefits include

Efficient digital process

Process digitization through use of IoT technology

Community based

Community based advocacy, engagement & training.

Youth & women led

Youth & women-led franchisee business model

Material traceability

Geo-tagging of all activities for material traceability.

Off-grid eco

Off grid renewable energy to power all our activities.

Renewable resources

Value addition by manufacturing finished & semi finished products from recyclables collected.

givo transformed our business. We know that all the data is reliable so we can pay people properly and on time.”


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