Finance options for farmers,providing secure,immediate or advanced payments, access to fertilisers and other services.

capagri is a revolutionary payment solution enabling farmers to gain access to immediate payments and advanced, affordable finance options, supported by their production and delivery data.

CapAgri is a mobile payment solution that complements the WeightCapture™ solution, providing secure, digital/mobile money payments through the full value chain.

CapAgri™ is integrated with WeightCapture™ and uses biometric, mobile and cloud technology – delivering fast, secure, verified payment eliminating corruption, theft or mispayment. It benefits farmers directly by offering them immediate payments on yield, as well as affordable advances, and ensures that those who are most vulnerable are not subject to theft, loan sharks or unaffordable borrowing.


Benefits include

Immediate payment

Farmers can benefit from immediate, secure payment on the weighing of their crops, as everything is immediately verifiable.

Fair pay

Payments are secure, visible to all parties, and can be verified against crop yields that can’t be tampered with, ensuring corruption is removed and farmers are fairly paid.

Affordable to all

Our solutions are designed to be affordable, especially to those who need them most.

Access to finance

Our partnerships with lenders and digitisation of a farmer’s transaction history ensure that farmers can access affordable advances that would otherwise not be available to them.

Low interest rates

Low interest rates on any advance payments are guaranteed, to help farmers run their business, not have their business run into the ground.

Support team

Our team are there to offer support on all products, from setup, technical support and servicing, through to customising solutions to meet your needs.

“With capagri we can pay people properly and on time, making us more attractive to farmers”


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