Do you manage a company and have to pay bills but have no trace of expenses or clear approval processes? Bility will enable your employees or collaborators to pay bills for your business with a clear trace and instant approval from your side.

Bility is made of two types of users the user that requests the expense (employee or collaborator) and the user that approves the expense (owner of business or manager with approval duties). The person requesting the expense will have to set amount, type of expense, category, photo of receipt. Once this is done a push notification will be visible to the approver who will only have to approve or deny. If approved the Mobile payment or Prepaid Bility Credit card will authorize the payment and expend the payment to the employee.

The main features in Bility include:

  1. Approve Expenses: View all expenditure requests from staff across all departments in your company.
  2. Review Expenses: View all past expenses incurred, by month, day or by staff, department..etc.
  3. Staff Profiles: Monitor all employee details along with approved/denied expenditure requests.
  4. Company Profile: Configure company details and authorized collaborators e.g Accountants, HR
  5. Easy to Customize: Configure multiple settings suitable to your company operations and preferences.
  6. Customer Support: Full-time Chat and support in case of any inquiries, suggestions or updates.