We are ensuring a better future through genuine verification and traceability tools.

Solutions that improve efficiency, and uphold ethics in supply chain.

Our story

Africa is a beautiful continent, but working life can be tough, and full of challenges. For farmers, climate change, being bottom of the supply chain – and at the mercy of large corporations and a global market – means that being paid fairly, and accessing finance can be a daily struggle.

We believe that companies and consumers globally want things to change, yet the remote nature of Africa has previously meant to date, access to the technology that might help change this, has not been possible. Analogue data management of processes in supply chains leads to delays, corruption, theft and, in extreme cases, child labor being allowed to exist in our global supply chains.

With Capture Solutions, we see a future where this will stop. Farmers can be paid fairly, companies can know their supply chains are ethical, and consumers can feel good buying goods.

Our vision & mission

Our vision is to be the global leader in traceability and verification solutions, ensuring a better future for all.

We do this by providing reliable digital verification and traceability tools to ensure fairer, more ethical supply chains and international operations.

Our values

Our core values are based on respect, trust and constant innovation.

Integrity: We are honest and fair in our dealings with employees, customers and partners.

Reliability: You can count on us.

Mobility: We are agile, mobile and flexible, adapting to meet the needs of our employees and customers.

Openness: We are imaginative, curious and open minded.

Simplicity: We believe that technology should be easy to use & life enhancing.

We are genuinely transparent

Traceability and verification our business is built on a belief that transparency is first step to sustainability. And that doesn’t stop with our product, that filters down to our people too. An open, genuine and down-to-earth attitude in business.

We are revolutionising access

Access to data, to technology, to finance. We connect people in more remote part of Africa to solutions that help improve their lives, workflow and cash flow. From farms to finance, to create reliable, low cost solutions that help keep supply chains and people moving, accurately and efficiently

We are for fairer share for all

Weather its fairer slice of supply chain, a fairer shot at financing, or a fairer change to get education. Our solutions are creating positive change in Africa. We may be small, independent business, but our impact can be mighty.

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