About Us

CAPTURE Solutions™ provides unique and throughout B2B ICT applications to companies & organisations in need to re-organize and streamline their working processes. Our speciality is to come up with tailor made solutions in specific defined processes. In order to accomplish this we also select or create very unique hardware devices that are specific for the tasks requested.

CAPTURE Solutions™ is based in Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania and also has company representatives in UK and Cote d’Ivoire.

Our business model allows us to stay at the forefront of market trends. This ensures long term business success as we never get trapped trying to deliver dated or undesirable solutions. Everyone’s objective in evaluating the purchase of any product/solution in the market should be to consider the Return on Investment (ROI), and to look for an opportunity that will truly become an asset for them and perhaps their families, this is CAPTURE Solutions™’ philosophy.

Today, CAPTURE Solutions™ is among the leading ICT Business solution providers. The company has been able to keep pace with the global Information & Communication Technology scenario by having strategic business associations. This, coupled with the goodwill of our directorship and strong management team, keeps us in the lead for others to follow. The drive is there with the vision of our CEO Mr. Lorenzo Boncompagni, who has numerous ICT experiences around the world for the last 19 years.

Our Values

These values, which are part and parcel of the company’s beliefs and convictions from its primary days, carry on to funnel and drive the business decisions of CAPTURE SOLUTIONS. These are:-

Commitment: We thrive to deliver our services within timelines on innovation and originality, encourage risk-taking and divergent voices
Customer Value:  We value our customers, putting their needs and interests at the centre of everything we do. We create value for the customer and ensure customer satisfaction
Flexibility: We move quickly, embracing change and seizing new opportunities
Teamwork: We treat one another with respect – creating value by working together within and across our business functions.
Professionalism: We attract and develop the world’s best talent, seeking to include and value the broadest range of people, cultures and perspectives. We value intellectual capability. Every project we commission, no matter how small, is executed with a high level of quality.
Responsibility: We work to improve our communities, taking pride in serving the public interest as well as the interests of our shareholders
Integrity: We earn the trust of our customers by applying high ethical standards to our business operations.

Our Vision

To be the leading B2B ICT Solutions provider in Africa & beyond.

Our Mission

To enable organizations to optimize their processes by implementing strategic and dynamic ICT Solutions for today and the future.