Manage purchases of weighed goods.

Through an Android smartphone and a Bluetooth enabled digital scale, WeightCAPTURE™ manages the collection and proper documentation of all the activities involved in purchasing goods.

Capture workers’ attendance via biometrics

Manage workers’ information, direct tasks, receive real time information on attendance. TNA enables remote overseeing of staff members with features such as task management, employee management, inventory control among others.

Tracking and access control of restricted premises

SecuCAPTURE™ is used to manage the tracking and proper documentation of the activities involved in access control of restricted premises,from the entry point to the exit point mainly in Processing Plants like tea factories, agricultural Farming Zones,and industrial companies can also use it for similar processes.

Automating waste management and recycling

GIVO involves managing the recycling process from plastic sorting, weighing, shredding, compression and transportation to recycling plant along with aggregation of real-time data through-out the entire process.

Farmer Focused Financial Solutions

The problem with the Agricultural Value Chain in Africa is that Brokers are the largest beneficiaries and not the Farmers! CapAGRI aims to reverse this narrative.

About Us

Capture Solutions provides reliable digital verification and traceability tools to ensure fairer, more ethical supply chains and international operations. We exist to ensure ethical standards are upheld, and the transparency and accuracy of produce is traceable, from source to shelf. Our mission is to ensure a better future and a fairer share for all. We work globally, to help the most remote parts of the world, access technology that helps improve lives and livelihoods.

Our Applications


Used to manage purchases of goods that can be weighed through an android smartphone and a scale.


Biometric registration and verification (i.e. government census)

Time & Attendance

Time management of workers within an organization using special fingerprint Android devices.

Sales & Finance

Enable your employees to pay bills for your business with a clear trace and instant approval from your side.


Track and control access of restricted premises from the entry point to the exit point.


Control real-time delivery of parcels within your organization.