Ensuring a better future

Through genuine traceability and verification tools.

Capture Solutions provides reliable digital verification and traceability tools to ensure fairer, more ethical supply chains and international operations. We exist to ensure ethical standards are upheld, and the transparency and accuracy of produce is traceable, from source to shelf. Our mission is to ensure a better future and a fairer share for all. We work globally, to help the most remote parts of the world, access technology that helps improve lives and livelihoods.


Total transparency from farming to finance

Agricultural supply chains are invariably based upon the sale and purchase of weighed goods. Too often, the weight capture process is vulnerable to pilferage, exploitation and dishonest dealing, particularly in rural locations. To date, because of the analogue nature of these processes, it has been almost impossible to track product accurately and transparently, ensure ethical standards are upheld, that farmers are paid fairly and that produce is not tampered with. AgriCapture is our family of solutions that accurately weigh and digitally log agricultural produce through the value chain, eradicating tampering and shrinkage, using biometric data to deliver full transparency and traceability to the farmer level. With low-cost services, and robust accessible technology, we serve the most remote parts of Africa, delivering total transparency in the supply chain, from seed to shelf and better lives and livelihoods for small holder farmers.


Ensuring genuine verification of people and produce

Our VeriCapture solutions ensure that both people and produce can be accurately to help support supply chins, business, operations and communities. Our verification tools not only improve accuracies in business and infrastructure, but also helps verify that children safely in school, that census data for the most remote part of Africa is accurate, and that recyclable waste is verified and disposed of in a circular economy – helping both people and planet.

Core Solutions

“Capture Solutions transformed our business. It saved us time having to manually track operations and we know that all the data is reliable so we can pay people properly and on time, making us serve our clients better.”


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