Water & Gas

Our solutions are useful for Meter Billing, Meter Census, Smart Prepaid Meters, Valve Remote Control and Time and Attendance. Those are represented by the following Solutions: AquaCAPTURE, MeterCAPTURE and T&A

AquaCAPTURE is a very complete system to manage and operate Smart Meters, allowing consumers to purchase Tokens for Smart Meters and push the token directly to the Meter. It also allows operators to manage the installation and reading process of the Smart Meters as well as enabling resellers to buy credit and sell tokens and get a commission that is established by a Water Company.

MeterCAPTURE is the ultimate app to manage and read Traditional Water Meters and Electronic Valves. The app has full GPS capabilities. We also provide the Secure Tag Seal which securely seals the Traditional Meters allowing the reading to be efficient and avert errors in entering wrong meter numbers.

T&A is a Time & Attendance application which works with special fingerprint Android devices for the Time management of workers within an organization. The App has also a backend where all the data from the app are sent and where reports are generated.