Finance & Sales

Specific solutions including Mobile applications for payment gateways, E-commerce and sales. Those are represented by the following Solutions: Doendo, InsureCAPTURE, DumaPay of Direct Pay and SalesCAPTURE.

Doendo is a marketplace for traders and service providers. The main establishments targeted are Restaurants, Hotels and Resorts and Travel Agents. This app is linked with Direct Pay Gateway.

DumaPay is an advanced mobile payment app designed for merchants and their customers. It allows merchants to accept card and mobile money payments safely and securely. Customers can be charged anywhere, and anytime, via a pin & chip card reader.

SalesCAPTURE™ facilitates the work of the sales department of companies aiming at completely upgrading the salesman business transactions. The solution aims at providing a mobile point of sale (POS) with a centralized receipt system. An android phone is used as the POS and a Bluetooth printer is used to print any sales receipts on field.