Case Studies

Have a look at some of the companies using our apps.

National Construction Authority of Kenya (BuildCAPTURE™)

NCA provides the legal requirements for registration as a contractor in Kenya. With high demand for housing in Kenya, Government has seen the importance of regulating the industry by setting up National Construction Authority which oversee the standards of construction and coordinates the construction industry development.

National Construction Authority works with BuildCAPTURE™ to help oversee construction projects.

Kuresoi Tea Factory (WeightCAPTURE™)

Located in Nakuru County, Kuresoi Tea Factory is a producer of high quality teas. Kuresoi works with WeightCAPTURE™ in their operations.

Maxam Limited (SalesCAPTURE™)

Maxam undertakes the importation and distribution of Heineken beer in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda as well as  Marlboro Cigarettes, Aqula Vodka and Pernod Ricard products.

The main resource deployment is in sales and distribution with a strong back office looking after logistics, accounts and administration. Distribution is done both directly by Maxam and indirectly through appointed Agents and Stockists. SalesCAPTURE™ assists them in these logistics.

Mastermind Tobacco (T&A)

Mastermind Tobacco Kenya Ltd (MTK) is currently the only indigenous tobacco company in Kenya with its Headquarters in Nairobi. The company has presence in eight countries in East, Central and Southern Africa, namely Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia and South Sudan. The Company is involved in tobacco growing, manufacturing and cigarette marketing.

Mastermind utilizes T&A(Time & Attendance) in their operations.

Njuca Consolidated (BuildCAPTURE™)

Njuca Consolidated Company Limited is one of Kenya’s leading Construction Companies and one of the few fully integrated engineering contractors. Its Operation structures relate to all development sectors ranging from infrastructure, to mining, to agriculture and structural works. Services include Borehole Drilling, Sheet Piling, Ballast Crushing, Concrete Batching Plant and providing Ready Mix Cement.

Njuca utilizes BuildCAPTURE™ in their operations.

Swissquest (AquaCAPTURE™)

SwissQuest Water Supplies Ltd is a Utilities Technology Company specializing in the Supply, Installation & Management of Smart ( Prepaid ) Water Metering Solutions, and Prepaid Billing Information Management System Software.

SwissQuest works with AquaCAPTURE™ in their operations.