Specific solutions in Tea, Milk, Macadamia, Coffee, Tobacco, Sunflower, Pulses, Maize and Livestock. Those are represented by the following Solutions: WeightCAPTURE, TradeCAPTURE, Livestock Manager and LactoCAPTURE.

This application is used commonly in the agricultural sector in collection of Tea, Tobacco, Milk, Macadamia, Coffee or any other product that can be weighed. It is also used in the industry and logistics to weigh finished or unfinished products and plastics. Through an Android smartphone and a scale, WeightCAPTURE™ manages the collection and proper documentation of all the activities involved in purchasing goods.

Similarly to WeightCAPTURE, TradeCAPTURE allows the collection of information via a Digital Bluetooth Scale and deals with purchases and sales of different items that are weight allowing also to maintain an always up to date stock.

MeterCAPTURE is the ultimate app to manage and read Traditional Water Meters and Electronic Valves. The app has full GPS capabilities. We also provide the Secure Tag Seal which securely seals the Traditional Meters allowing the reading to be efficient and avert errors in entering wrong meter numbers.

LactoCAPTURE is an app to control the quality of milk collected and allows to speed up the process of Milk Collection as well as capturing the quality of raw milk & sending the data to the farmer’s HQ or Milk Company. The app helps to link milk companies with farmers in order to track them and reward the best.